Prices my change:

Johnson 3/4 Student Guitars:  $127

Ernie Ball Earthwood Strings $11

Palatino Violins  (small Sizes) $120

Palatino 4/4 Violins (vn650) $190

Casio Keyboards:

CTK3500  $155

PX 160 $480

PX 780 $950

Affordable / experienced

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What we have in stock is now online.

We are no longer renting instruments.  After careful consideration we believe it is in the student's and parents best interest to purchase an instrument.

We have new Conn-Selmer instruments that cost between $400 and $600.  Alto Saxophones run about $900.  We offer limited local repairs and a buy back program as well.  

Have have a many years of experienced and can help you with instrument purchases and repairs.

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